Los Angeles Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook Maternity Session: Ame + Ale

Let me tell you a little bit about this couple. Alejandra and I met while attending grad school at UCLA. One day her boyfriend Americo came down from Florida to visit her and I instantly knew by the way he treated her that he was completely in love with her. I liked him immediately. After graduation he moved down to LA to be with her and to spend the rest of his life with her…and now they are starting their own little family.

I’m glad we got to spend the afternoon at Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook since this is a special place for both of them. This is where they come up to watch the sunset and discuss whatever is in their hearts. Parenthood is not easy, but I know they will be great parents. I love this couple!!

xoxo brenda

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Newborn: Baby Girl Bethany

This sweet newborn baby girl is around 3 weeks young.  Her mother and I went to middle school together in the city of La Mirada, and this little one brought us together one more time! It was such a blessing to see my old friend Faith and her new little family. Congratulations on your little bundle of joy. I’m looking forward to seeing each other again :)

xoxo brenda


brendalizabeth_newborn_bethany01 brendalizabeth_newborn_bethany02 brendalizabeth_newborn_bethany03 brendalizabeth_newborn_bethany05  brendalizabeth_newborn_bethany06 brendalizabeth_newborn_bethany07

Huntington Beach Family Photography:


I met Cara and Ken through my sister-in-law.   Their little girl is only a few months younger than mine but oh buy was she adventurous!! I don’t think I have ever met a little girl as excited about the ocean as her. She would run towards the waves fearlessly, throw the sand up and run around joyously. Thank you for allowing us to take your first family photos!

xoxo brenda

brendalizabeth_barker-family_beach_01 brendalizabeth_barker-family_beach_02 brendalizabeth_barker-family_beach_03 brendalizabeth_barker-family_beach_04 brendalizabeth_barker-family_beach_05brendalizabeth_barker-family_beach_06


Newborn: Baby Girl Victoria



This sweet little girl was almost a month when I photographed her. She was a little one and one her sleeping photos she looks like she is only a few days old! I’m so glad we got her to fall asleep and dress her in this beautiful vintage headband and pearls. Her older sister is also lovely, and my goodness you know they are going to be beautiful girls when they grow up; just look at their mom! I loved photographing the three of you and I’m glad we got to know each other and briefly discuss our business ventures. I wish you and your family the best! xoxo

(P.S…for those of you ladies who live near Covina and like to get your nails done check out her nail salon- she is a very talented mama! instagram: vintagenailbar)


brendalizabeth_newborn-vintage01 brendalizabeth_newborn-vintage02 brendalizabeth_newborn-vintage03brendalizabeth_newborn-vintage04

Newborn: Baby Boy Levi

Congratulations to my beautiful friend and old room mate Deborah and her husband! They had such a handsome little boy with a full head of hair. I could photograph him all day. He was such a calm baby. I’m so excited to see this little one grow and watch my friend blossom into an awesome mommy! xoxo brenda

brendalizabeth_newborns_levi_01brendalizabeth_newborns_levi_02brendalizabeth_newborns_levi_03  2016-04-04_0007brendalizabeth_newborns_levi_05